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“Angel!!” Kisshu calls, furious. He turns around and yells, “I know you’re here! Get out!! NOW!!”

Behind a tree not too far from him, the angel is there and she’s shaking. He’s angry, she can hear that. Her hands are together in a folded prayer and they are tightly closed together. They’re shaking the most and they’re starting to get whiter than her skin already is.

Kisshu lets out a sigh of anger and his fists are in tight balls. “Look, alright!! I am grateful that you saved my life but going off and blocking Ichigo’s memory is not something I’m grateful for!” The angel gasps in surprise as he continues. “She has a family that loves her and for all I know, is ready to commit suicide if they can’t find her. She has friends and someone she loves. You think you can just block her memories and think that you can give memory-less her as a gift? You can’t do that! You have no right to take someone away from those that she loves!”

The moment he said that, the angel’s eyes widen and memories of her family appear in her head. Her sister that she loves so much and her father…She was kicked out of heaven! Away from her family because she broke the law and that was for falling in love with someone. So if she does something wrong, it’s okay to take away all of that from her but when Ichigo does something wrong, it’s not okay. Instead of fear, she starts shaking in anger. Her teeth grit together and if possible, she could growl at that moment.

Since he doesn’t see or hear any sign that the angel heard him, Kisshu lets out another frustrated sigh and gets ready to go deep into the forest to find her.


Kisshu sharply turns around from the sound and he see the angel with one hand leaning on the tree and that hand has a broken glass ball in her hands. Her bangs are covering her eyes and she’s hunched over. The glass ball in her hands has shards that fall to the ground and some of them look bloody. Then the angel drops the fall and when it lands on the ground, it’s once colorful glow flies out of it and disappears. Was that…

Kisshu looks from the glass ball to the angel. She pulls her hand back and he can see that it’s bleeding but the marks started to disappear. She holds her hand for a bit and he can see that she’s upset but unable to tell if it’s sad upset or angry upset.

Kisshu gains back his anger and says, “Listen, angel!” But before he could say anymore, the angel goes up to him really fast and there he can see her crying angry eyes.


Kisshu is shocked. He looks back at her from the slap and then she starts pounding her fists on his chest. He can imagine that she can hit harder but usually girls at this point when they want to hit someone and they’re emotional upset, their hits hurt a bit but not as bad as what Kisshu is used to. After a few seconds of that, she leans a bit on him as her tears continue to fall down her face.

‘It’s unfair! It’s unfair, it’s unfair, it’s unfair, it’s unfair, it’s unfair, IT’S UNFAIR!!’ the angel screams in her mind. More than anything, she wants to yell out those words so that he can hear them but speaking on earth as a black angel is strictly forbidden. Kisshu stares at her, amazed and dumbstruck. He doesn’t know what to say and he doesn’t seem to understand it.

But he didn’t have time to ask. The angel turns away from him and then disappears in her usual black and white sparkles. Kisshu remains completely confuse as he can still see her angry crying eyes before she slapped him.
Here's chapter 13!! And for those who are wondering where the angel is, well here she is and Kisshu is ticked off!

Anyway! Enjoy this chapter and please, please, PLEASE comment!!! I love your comments. Thank you and please enjoy!
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anime-art-freak579 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
awww poor angel but she shouldnt have done that to ichigo(even if it did make an awesome few chapters :) )
xMewMewIce Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010   Digital Artist
Mew-Aqua Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love it! more, more, more!!! please!!!
ichigoxkisshu4eva Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009
love your fanfic, you really know how to start a story
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