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Ichigo leans on the hedge, still at the same spot where Kisshu left her. She’s been standing there since he left and hasn’t moved since. She was waiting for him, unknown to her that he went to go and get her memories back. Then in all one second, she got them back.

Ichigo gasps in surprise as she suddenly remembers family, friends, school, boys, the café, and her battles as a Tokyo Mew Mew member. Ichigo sharply turns to the café and stares at it for the longest time. So that’s why it looks so familiar even though she was sure she never saw it before! She works here!

At first, Ichigo starts running to the doors of the café. Now remembering her schedule, the café is starting to close but they are still here because they still have an hour to do clean up. But as soon as she reaches the doors, she remains perfectly still. She doesn’t grab the door just as fast as she tried to run to the café. She remains in front of the doors, also remembering what happened earlier that day. But instead of being consumed with fear like she has been a few days ago, she gulps and puts on a determined look. She reaches for the handle and pushes it open.

The first thing she hears is, “Sorry, we’re closed.” But when the mew mews turn around at the door and see Ichigo, their shocked expressions is all Ichigo can see. Heck! Besides the girls, she sees Ryou, Keiichiro, and her boyfriend Aoyama Masaya. As soon as she saw her boyfriend, her eyes widen the most.

Ichigo mumbles, “Everyone…”

Consumed with shock that she’s here, everyone besides Lettuce was unsure of what to do. Lettuce takes a step forward and asks, “Ichigo-san, do you know who you are?”

Ichigo answers, “Momomiya Ichigo, thirteen years old, a mew mew who is infused with the DNA of an Iromote cat, friends to Aizawa Mint, Midorikawa Lettuce, Fong Pudding, and Fujiwara Zakuro, boss is Shirogane Ryou, chief is Akasaka Keiichiro, and I’m a slave to the lazy Mint who just sips her tea while there is a crowd and Ryou is working me to the bone and charging me with the repairs which I have no control over!” As soon as she said the last part, they believed her. The beginning could have been something that the aliens had her rehearsed to trick them. But after that last part, Lettuce started tearing up and she runs to her friend.

“Ichigo-san!!” she cries, clinging to her and crying. Ichigo is surprise by this sudden hug but she can see that her friend was really worried about her. Then she sees Lettuce smiling and she mumbles really softly, “He kept his promise.” Ichigo didn’t expect that and soon, the other girls started running to her.


“Ichigo onee-chan!!”

Lettuce gets off when she heard them coming and Pudding instantly hugs Ichigo’s waist since there is the area she can wrap her arms around and Mint hugs her by wrapping her arms around her neck. Mint tells her, “You bad girl! You made us worried!”

Ichigo slightly smiles and tells her, “I’m sorry.”

Zakuro tells her, “It’s good to know that you’re back and safe.” Ichigo looks at her with some blush on her face.

Then Pudding yells, “Ichigo onee-chan scared us to death, na no da!!” From what Ichigo can feel, her hold is the tightest.


The girls all look at the boys and Masaya is smiling from seeing the sight of his girlfriend back and she remembers everyone. She looks at him, not smiling as he friends get off since they suspect that it’s a lover reunited moment now. He walks to her and stands in front of her with only a few inches away from the others. “Ichigo…”


Everyone gasps in surprise as Ichigo is the only one who is glaring at Masaya. He looks at her surprise with his hand on his red stinging cheek as Ichigo’s hand is starting to be like that too.

Mint yells, “Ichigo, what’s wrong with you?! You just slapped Masaya, your boyfriend!!”

“When he tried to kill me, Mint?” Ichigo asks, looking at her. Okay, now they are completely shocked.

Then Ryou suggests, “Your memories have not all returned.”

Before he could say anything, Ichigo yells, “Oh, they’re back alright! That time when we discovered Lettuce, I was going to give you a piece of my mind about work and I end up finding you, looking out the window with Masha on your shoulder, a water bottle, and no shirt! When we discovered each other, you put a shirt on and I went down stairs to make you rice balls since you said that you were hungry. You called it a ‘cheap meal’ but you said it was good.” Now the girls are really surprise as they are blinking while Ryou is like tomato red. They look at him in surprise and he turns even more red. Yep, she remembers.

Ichigo turns back to Masaya and asks him, “Why did you try to kill me?”

From the looks of it, Masaya is completely speechless. His mouth is slightly opened and no words are coming from his mouth. After a good long moment of silence, Ichigo lets out a huff and heads for the door.

“Excuse me, but I have parents who are probably having heart attacks over me!” Then she slams the door on her way out, leaving everyone in complete silence. After that, Ichigo just stomps off home, angry as all heck! He could have at least something, right?

When Ichigo was starting to come up on the familiar road and she could see the familiar house coming up, she stopped to release all of her anger and tries to relax so that she doesn’t look like a mad woman in front of her parents, who are probably going to sob as soon as they see her.

“Ichigo?!!” her mother cries, unable to believe that her daughter is right here on the door step.

And it seems like Ichigo is going to sob too when tears started to appear at the corner of her eyes. “Mama?”

Moments later, her mom pulled her into a hug and Ichigo instantly hugs her back. In the nick of time, her father comes up from behind her mom and as soon as he saw her, he hugs her too. She hugs him just as tight. Unknown to them, there is someone watching the happy reunion scene from a window in the same house.

Mrs. Momomiya pulls Ichigo in and hugs her again. She asks, “Where were you all this time?”

Her father told her, “You had us worried sick.”

Ichigo wipes away the extra tears from her eyes and tries to tell them, “I’m sorry. But…I…I...”

Then her mother told her, “It’s okay, Ichigo. The main thing is you’re home. Just answer me this, okay? You weren’t missing for days because you ran away did you?”

Ichigo shook her head. “Uh-uh.”

Her mother smiles and tells her, “That’s good.” Then she hugs her again. “I was so worried about you. I’ve missed you so much.”

Her father then hugs them like a group family as he tells her, “We both did.” Ichigo took a moment before she smiles and hugs them back.




The angel continues to cry in her little dark cave. Obviously, the cave is her home with a blanket floor to sleep on, a pile of bunt out firewood and ashes, and lastly a mirror that she uses to watch over Kisshu. The same one she used when she was in heaven. It was lucky for her that she had it with her when she was kicked out.

The angel is hugging her knees close to her chest and her back is up against the wall. Multiple tears continue to roll down her face and the only thing that hurts is the pain she feels in her chest. Kisshu’s words continue to repeat over and over in her head.

Unknown to her, a blue glowing ball flouts in the air in her cave. She didn’t look up but as the ball flouts closer to her and the light got brighter, she notices. She looks up and she sees the ball and is amazed to see it. Where did it come from?

“You’re the one who stopped the Blue Knight.” The ball spoke! The angel’s eyes widen in surprise as she recognizes the voice. The ball spoke to her again, “You have amazing powers, but it appears to be locked away behind sealed doors. If you wish, I can tell you how to unleash that power and even give you a position in helping me. What do you say, Angel? Do you agree?”

All the angel did was stare.


“Dinner will be ready soon, Ichigo!”

“Alright,” Ichigo answers from her room. She closes the door behind her and turns around. She gasps in surprise of who else is in the room. Kisshu is sitting on her bed, looking at her with eyes unfamiliar to her.

“Are you glad to be home?” he asks. Even his voice sounds different. His eyes and voice sound hard and control. What is he controlling is what Ichigo wanted to know when she sees him.

She answers his question. “Yes. I’m happy to see my friends and family again.”

Kisshu looks down at his feet and exhales a sigh of relief. He smiles softly as he mumbles, “I knew you would be.”

Ichigo walks closer to her bed and calls, “Kisshu?”

He looks back at her and his smile was wiped clean off his face. “I just wanted to check on you. See that you have your memories back and you do. I’m glad. But after today, you and I will be enemies and remain that way.” Ichigo’s eyes widen and her heart started to pound fast and hard in her chest. She remains speechless as Kisshu gets up from her bed and walks to her. His hand rises up to her face and his fingers tickle the skin on her face. He tells her, “There’s just one thing I want to do before then.” His fingers are in her hair and his thumb rubs against her cheek. He leans closer to her and without stopping or waiting for her response, he presses his lips against hers. Her eyes widen in more surprise. This kiss doesn’t feel at all like the first one they shared. This kiss feels warm and it’s filled with so much love and care. She can tell. It’s not at all like the kiss she shared with Masaya. This one’s…better.

Kisshu breaks the kiss before Ichigo even grasped the idea of either just shutting down and letting him kiss her or kissing him back. He strokes her cheek a little longer while telling her, “I give up on trying to make you mine. If my desire to claim you takes away the you that I love then I’ll stop. I will not take away everything you love so that you can be mine alone but I will kill mankind. I made a promise to save my people and I keep my promises. This was a useless love to have anyway. I who am destined to destroy humans and you who are destined to protect them can never be together.” Ichigo can hear something cracking and it was getting louder and louder with each word he spoke. She can hear where it’s coming from and the pain feels a lot worst than the time he left her in the park in front of Café Mew Mew. Now Ichigo knows why his eyes look controlling. It’s because he’s controlling his emotions over this little break up.

Kisshu leans close to her again and kisses her forehead. His lips remains press against her skin as he tells her, “If I kill you, I will never forget you. But if you kill me, then I wish you the happiest life anyone can have. Forget me and live happily. Goodbye, koneko-chan.” After that, he leans away and teleports. Ichigo just stands there as she can no longer feel the touch of his skin and the warmth of his lips. She is alone like he was merely a dream. But she knows he was real and right here before her, because no dream would make her heart hurt so much as it does now.

Moments later, her eye sight began to get cloudy. She couldn’t see clearly of what’s right in front of her and she didn’t need another person to tell her that she’s crying. Her tears started up again and they came in the size of marbles as they begin to roll down her face. She collapses where she stands. She falls to her knees and covers her face with her hands. She begins to cry; each tear resembles the amount of pain and hurt she feels. Strange though. She’s only been forgetful of who she is for only a week and Kisshu created this much of an impact on her.

Then she feels like she’s not alone.

She hears someone say behind her, “Please forgive my intrusion on your tears but I must speak with you.”

Ichigo turns around over her shoulder and she gasps in surprise. She sees a beautiful woman, almost the age of 20 standing before her. She has dark blue eyes like the deepest depths of the ocean and her hair is as golden as the sun’s rays. Her tan skin is the most beautiful skin Ichigo has ever seen. For her attire, this girl is wearing a short V collar white sweater that covers her arms and wrists but reveals her stomach from under her breast to her hips. For bottoms, she has long beaten up looking jeans with a few cuts and holes. Her long yellow hair is up in a high pony tail and on her back are white angel wings. Her wings were what Ichigo was surprised of the most. This girl is an…angel! Like the one she saw save Kisshu, but she had black wings and this one has white.

The angel before her observes, “Judging by your expression, I’d say that you seen people like me before, correct”

Ichigo asks, “Who…Who are you?” Her voice sounds dry and scratchy from crying.

The tragic blue eyes on the angel’s face only grow more tragic for Ichigo’s aching heart as she answers, “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you. I’ve come here on a mission from heaven. Please answer me this! Have you seen another girl like me with black wings? Have you seen my sister?”
Hi guys!! This one is another sad one but at least it shows a few signs that nothing is over yet.

Thank you all for reading and please comment!! Even if it's questions on what's going to happen soon or even how corny the ending might be, I would like to hear from all of you! Thank you! COMMENT!!!! PLEASE!!!
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