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“Kisshu! Where were you?” Taruto asks.

Kisshu gives him a blank look as he answers, “No where.” Taruto raises a brow at that. He never saw him act like that.

Pai ignores the conversation and the suspicious looks as he reports, “Tokyo buildings are made of metal, concret, and cement. If we construct kirema animas to withstand these materials and devour them, we can at least destroy the human’s companies and possibly cause a few collapses.” Kisshu was by his side when he reported that. He walked towards them and look up at the screen showing Pai’s findings. Pai brings up a picture of a termite and again reports, “A kirema anima of this species should appear useful.”

“Got it!” Kisshu tells him, not as enthusiastic as the others are used to. Kisshu turns around and walks away as he tells them, “I’ll go find some termites and start havocking the city. It’s easy to construct kirema animas to consume other materials besides wood.”

“Okay! Stop it right there!” Taruto yells. Kisshu stops walking but doesn’t look at him. “Where the hell did this crappy attitude come from? You’re not even complaining about going to work since you have that old hag-”

“That mew mew is no longer on this ship.” Taruto gasps in surprise of that and Kisshu still doesn’t look at him. “Please excuse me.” Then he teleports to earth to go and collect some termites.

“So he actually did it,” Pai mumbles.

Taruto looks up at him and asks, “Did what?! What did that idiot mean that the mew mew isn’t here? That didn’t sound like him at all!”

“Because he’s finally starting to act like a cyniclon who was given the duty of saving his people without distractions?”

“No, since you don’t even act like that.” Pai turns to him and glares but Taruto says, with nervous sweat dripping down, “He’s acting like you and that is really freaky.” Pai’s glare calms down and he stares at the little alien before him.

He lets out a sigh and answers, “Kisshu returned the mew mew back to where she belongs.”

Taruto’s eyes widen at that. “You’re kidding!”

Pai only shakes his head. “No. He returned her last night and I believe he did it for you.”

Taruto raises a brow and asks, “What do you mean he did it for me?”

“Exactly as I said. Weren’t you upset about that one mew?” Taruto’s eyes widen with disbelief and a bit of guilt. Pai just goes back to researching as Taruto looks down and creates a fist in frustration.

“That idiot!”


“Ichigo-san,” Lettuce calls, confused. “Who is this?”

All of the Mew Mews, including Ryou and Keiichiro look at both Ichigo and her unexpected friend. It’s the next day and Ichigo appears to be less cheery than how her friends remember her. She even looks bad. Her hair is messy and uneven, her eyes are red and puffy, and she’s wearing a long sleeve shirt with long pants. Not something she usually wears and they should know. What Ichigo notices when she came in is that Masaya isn’t here. She doesn’t say anything about that.

Ichigo motions her hand to the blond angel and introduces, “This is an angel and she says that she has information we should know about.”

The blond angel asks, “Do all of you remember a certain black angel?”

All of the Mew Mews gasp. She takes that as a yes. Ichigo tells them, “She says that the angel who saved Kisshu,” her voice sounds a bit shaky when she mentions his name, “is her sister.”

Mint asks, “Her sister?!”

The blond angel nods. “I can only explain the details of my mission and of my sister. Please listen because already she is involved in your battle and I am in need of your services.”

Ryou and Keiichiro look at each other for a minute in a silent conversation. Then Ryou nods. Keiichiro turns to the girls and instructs, “Please come this way.” Both him and Ryou turn towards the entrance to the basement and the girls fallow after them.

Once in the safety and privacy of the basement, Ryou asks, “What do you have to explain?”

The blond angel nods and tells them, “Thank you for listening. I was sent from heaven by the angel chief to come to earth and stop my sister from breaking the rules any further.”

Zakuro asks, “Rules?”

“Yes. The angel society has rules to retain our purity. Unfortunately, my sister broke one of the most important rules of heaven and has been exiled from heaven to wonder earth as a black angel. As a black angel, she cannot speak nor associate with the one she fell in love with.” Everyone gasp at that as Ichigo is the one who looks the most shocked out of her friends. The blond angel answers the question for them. “My sister broke the rule by falling in love with someone on earth; that alien who is trying to destroy your kind.”

Keiichiro concludes, “That was why she saved him when he was about to get killed by the Blue Knight.”

‘And the reason why she erased my memories and gave me to Kisshu,’ Ichigo thought. ‘Instead of making him love her, she gave him me!’

Again, the blond angel nods. “The angel chief fears that something terrible will happen and I must stop it from happening.”

“He believes that the black wing angel can be the cause of it?” Lettuce asks, a little nervous now.

“That is exactly what he thinks.”

“But if she is already exiled from heaven, what else can she do?” Mint asks.

Zakuro answers, “If angels exist then that means that there are other beings besides angels and humans. Something far more sinster and wickeder.” The Mew Mews’ eyes widen from that as the blond angel has her blue eyes staring at her.

“I hear your prayers frequently, Zakuro,” the angel notes. All Zakuro does is stare right back at her.

“Then we must stop her, na no da!” Pudding declares. “If she is going to do something bad, she must be punished before then, na no da!”

Ryou nods. “Pudding is right. We are the protectors of earth. We protect everyone from not only aliens but angels as well. No offence.”

“Non-taken,” she tells him. Then her face looks sad as she mumbles, “I just pray that we can stop her before we lose her.”

Ichigo asks, “Is there a way for her to return to heaven?” surprising the angel a bit.

She answers, “Not unless she can forget her love for him or atone for her sins.”

Mint asks, “Why is it a sin to love someone of earth?”

The angel tells her, “I’m sorry, but that is all I can say.”

“Alright then, Mew Angel! Let’s find your sister and stop her, na no da!” Pudding cheers, trying to sound like herself.

The angel looks at her with blinking eyes as she asks, “Mew…Angel?”

Lettuce smiles and nods. “You’re one of us now.”

“And the nickname can help us fallow up on who’s who since you didn’t tell us your name, na no da.”

Ichigo tells them, “She says that she can’t say her name. Another law, right?”

“Correct,” the blond angel, or Mew Angel answers.



“Alien Alert!! Alien Alert!!” Masha cries after growing into his regular size after being a key chain on Ichigo’s phone.

The Mew Mews stare at Masha in surprise as Keiichiro rushes to his computer. He turns it on and begins typing. Screens after screens started to appear as he reports, “There are kirema anima alerts in the center of Tokyo.”

Ryou turns to the girls and tells them, “Go, Tokyo Mew Mew!”

The girls nodded and Mew Angel asks, “Please let me come. My sister will be where he is.”

Ichigo tells her, “Of course. She’s your sister and you’re worried, right?” Ichigo smiles at her while Mew Angel gives her guilty eyes. She nods and Ichigo smile brightens up.

“Girls, let’s go!”


“Mew Mew Mint Metamorphosis!”

“Mew Mew Lettuce Metamorphosis!”

“Mew Mew Pudding Metamorphosis!”

“Mew Mew Zakuro Metamorphosis!”

“Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorphosis!”
Here's chapter 15!! Hooray!! I hope you all enjoy this one and please, please, PLEASE COMMENT!! I love it when people give me comments and I feel like I can write five more chapters, even though there are times when I lose inspiration, but that's another story!!!

Thank you and please enjoy!!
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