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“There’s nothing we can do now?” Lettuce asks, shocked by Mew Angel’s words.

The aliens, who were also listening, look up and are startled by Mew Angel’s words. Mew Angel just nods with a sad expression on her face.

After what happened at the battle field, the Mew Mews were able to convince the aliens to come with them since it would appears that they have more difficult problems than the ones they already have with each other. The aliens were badly wounded anyway and needed medical attention. When the black angel healed Kisshu, she only healed the most dangerous wound he had. Pudding helped Taruto and Lettuce helped Pai stand with an arm on their shoulders. When Ichigo was going to help Kisshu, he pulled his arm away and told her harshly that he’s fine. She finally got enough. She helped him up and told him to that she wants him to stop acting like that while they walk back to the café. He did and they went back in silence and on bad terms. They explained everything to Ryou and Keiichiro and Lettuce brought a first aid kit after settling Pai down on a chair. Pudding and Ichigo did the same with Taruto and Kisshu. Pai was able to convince Lettuce that he and the others can patch themselves up; he was able to study human healing techniques. When Keiichiro asked what happened, that was when the Mew Angel, who was so silent on the way back to the café, told them that now her sister cannot be saved.

Kisshu asks, “What the heck do you mean that she can’t be saved? Saved from what?”

While some people are looking at Kisshu in surprise that he appears to care so much for the angel, Mew Angel is glaring at him. “You be quiet! It’s your fault that she can’t be saved!”

Kisshu took that as offensive. “Look, I don’t know who you are and you already put me on your bad list. What the hell is your problem?”

“My problem is that the black angel who just became a fallen angel is my sister and she was exiled from heaven because of you!” Kisshu shuts up in surprise as the other aliens are just as surprised.

Taruto asks, “Wh-What do you mean by that?” Mew Angel just growls at all three of them and she grits her teeth in anger.

Then Ichigo’s hand lands on her shoulder. Mew Angel looks at her in surprise from the warmth of her hand as Ichigo nods. She turns to the aliens and explains, “Mew Angel told us that one of the most important rules in heaven is that an angel cannot fall in love with someone of earth.”

Pai asks, “And she blames Kisshu for something he didn’t know that was happening.”

Mew Angel just yells, “Don’t you dare try and not pin this on him! It’s his fault that all of this happened! Every day I watched her look over you from the mirror and every day I see her falling more and more in love with you.” As she was venting all of her anger and emotions out at him, Ichigo sees something on her white wings. She sees a black feather and then there became three. “When she realized that had fallen for you, the angel chief found out when her wings began to turn black and kicked her out of heaven. Now she broke the law again by confessing her love with her voice. It’s your fault that I’ve lost my sister, you bastard!!”

“Mew Angel, calm down!” Ichigo tells her, stepping in between both Kisshu and her. Mew Angel looks at her in surprise as Ichigo points to her wings. Mew Angel looks behind and nearly half of her wings are black. She gasps in surprise before looking down at the ground in shame.

Kisshu relaxes a bit as Mew Angel mumbles, “An angel cannot be hateful or they will also become black angels.” The wings on her back slowly became white again and when she looks back at Kisshu, she tells him, “I don’t hate you. I’m just angry that you stole my sister away from me.” The Mew Mews stare at her in pity and apologetic as Kisshu looks away, a bit guilty and the aliens are surprise by Mew Angel’s behavior.

Pai rubs his temples before asking, “How powerful is your sister, exactly?”

Mew Angel doesn’t look at him. She just lets out a deep, sad exhale before answering, “When she was in heaven, everyone knew that she could be great. If she was still pure, she probably would have become an archangel. If she is just as great back then as she is now, she probably has the powers of a god.” After that explanation, a dark feeling fills their stomachs. They're in trouble. Mew Angel looks at them then and asks, “Why?”

Pai comes back from his semi-shock phase and answers, “Because if she has an extreme high energy reading, then on our ship we can detect her in a matter of seconds.” Mew Angel looks at him in shock and the Mew Mews are just as surprise.

Zakuro asks, “Really? Is it that simple?”

Taruto answers, “Of course. Just excuse us for a bit.”

Right after that was said, the air rippled around them and the Mews knew instantly that they are going back to their ship. But the moment their bodies disappeared, the rippling continued and they came right back. All three aliens look at each other in surprise and confusion as the Mews just look completely confused with one brow lifting up.

Pudding asks, “Taru-Taru, was it that fast, na no da?”

Taruto tells her, “We didn’t even arrive at the ship!”

Kisshu asks Pai, “Why did that happen?”

Pai answers, “Let me try again.” And he did. The air rippled around him and his body started to fade. But like before when he was completely gone, he came back in the same spot. He looks at them surprise and both Kisshu and Taruto are starting to get unease.

Taruto quickly assumes, “Maybe our teleportation is out of commission from the fight.”

Kisshu looks at him like he’s stupid. “Maybe your brain went out of commission. Let me try teleporting from one end to the other.” And he did. The air rippled around him and his body dissolved. Instead of appearing in the same place, he was at the other side of the room, standing. He looks confused and then in pain. He leans on the wall and Ichigo runs up to him.

She hits him in the head and calls him, “You idiot!” Kisshu’s face looks annoyed when he looks at her. She looks the same.

“Let me try far distances.”

“Now hold on!”

Ichigo touched him when he begin to teleport, taking her with him.

“Ichigo!” Mint calls but it was too late. They both were gone and they didn’t reappear again right away.

Pudding turns to Taruto and asks, “Where did both Kisshu and Ichigo onee-chan go, na no da?” Taruto shrugs his shoulders.

Moments later, the air ripples again and both Ichigo and Kisshu arrives soaking wet. Ichigo is clinging to Kisshu with her arms circling his neck and she squirts out water from her mouth before coughing. Kisshu raises his hand and picks up seaweed from his hair. He flings it into the ground and the Mew Mews look at the seaweed before back at them.

Pai asks, “You went to the sea?”

Ichigo lets go of Kisshu and slaps him in the back of the head. She yells, “Yeah, the idiot!!”

“Ow!” Kisshu whines. He looks at her and asks, “What the hell was that for?”

“You teleported to the ocean with bleeding wounds! Because you did that, I’m drenched the bone, I’m freezing cold, and I have salt water up my nose!”

“Who told you to grab me, you stupid cat?!”

“So it’s ‘stupid cat’ now, huh?! Is that what you see, you stupid alien!!”

“Stupid cat!!”

“Stupid alien!!”

Someone cleared their throat.

Both Ichigo and Kisshu look towards the others and it was Pai who cleared his throat. “Are you two done yet?” Both Kisshu and Ichigo look at each other before huffing and turning away from each other. Both of them acting like little kids with their arms crossed in front of their chests. “Anyway,” Pai continues, “we can’t go back to the ship.”

Taruto asks, “Why though? We used to do it all the time before!”

“That’s the problem. It appears that we’re blocked from the ship.”

Both Taruto and Kisshu look at him in extreme disbelief. They both ask/yell, “WE’RE BLOCKED FROM THE SHIP?!!”


“Excellent work, angel.”

“Thank you,” the fallen angel says bowing down to the white light, “Deep Blue-sama.”

The white light that approached her was not the devil or any being from hell. It was Deep Blue. Now here she is, a fallen angel and she’s bowing to the white ball in the blue abyss.

Deep Blue tells her, “Now that you’re under my wing, I have of no use for those three disappointments. Such a shame, especially Pai. I always knew that I would lose Kisshu and Taruto to those pathetic humans but losing in Pai as well is a huge disappointment.”

“Well rest easy, my lord,” the angel tells him. “For I will not disappoint you. I will defeat Tokyo Mew Mew and I will awaken you with the powers of Mew Aqua.”

“Be sure that you do and do not allow your foolish emotions of love distract you from your duty to me.”

“My feelings will not be ignored, my lord but I will not hold back when I find the Mew Aqua or fight Tokyo Mew Mew. I will destroy them and I will awaken you and in return you cleanse the earth from these filthy humans and restore earth to its once beautiful state.”

“And you wish for nothing once you have completed the mission?”

The fallen angel smirks.

“All I wish is to gain more power to force my way back into heaven and annihilate every angel that abandoned me. My sister will be the only one left alive so that she may suffer with the lost of losing everything, just as I have lost everything.”

After her wish, Deep Blue remains silence. When he spoke again, he sounds pleased with his new warrior. “And it shall be granted, once you’ve completed your mission.”

“Thank you, my lord.” The fallen angel lowers her head. When she looks up, she asks, “What do you wish for me to do first?”

“I wish for you to awaken my body. Make him want to destroy the humans for what they’ve done to the planet and to him. That way when I awaken with the power of the Mew Aqua you have collected, he will not interfere and I can permanently delete his very existence.”

Again, she creates a devilish smirk, baring her white teeth and her eyes look please with her first mission.

“Yes, Deep Blue-sama.”
Here's chapter 17!! Okay, listen! I have finished chapter 18 but I'm stuck so after I unleash chapter 18, if you have any ideas at all, they will be greatly appreciated!

Please comment!! Thanks for the wonderful comments so far but please give me more!! Thank you and please enjoy!
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