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August 29, 2009
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Kisshu is outside the café, leaning on the wall and watching the red and orange sunset before him. It’s already been a while since they’ve been at the café and right now, he just wants to be alone for a bit. A lot of things happened in one day; he nearly succeeded in killing Ichigo, he got shot in the chest, the now ‘fallen’ angel appeared after their last unpleasant encounter and she confessed her love to him, the fallen angel’s sister nearly wanted to kill him, and him and his comrades are blocked from the ship and they have no idea why. It’s been a long day for everyone and he just needs some time to be alone. He’s also still dripping wet of salt water when he teleported inside the sea with Ichigo by mistake.

“You’re still wet?”

Alone time’s over.

Kisshu looks up, startled by the voice and he sees Ichigo in her café uniform without the bonnet on her head. She actually has a towel over her head and is drying her damp hair. Kisshu is surprise to see her as she walks over to him with another towel hanging on her arm.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you wearing that?”

Her brow is raise in confusion before she looks down at her café uniform; lowering her arms in the process. She answers, “This is the only change of clothes that I have here that’s dry. Why you ask?”

He looks away and answers, “No reason.” Even though he’s trying to hide it, Ichigo can clearly tell from his reaction it means that either he notice that she changed or he thinks that it’s cute. Either way, it makes her blush because at least he notices something about her; unlike how he didn’t notice that she was telling him to stop when they were fighting.

With some red on her cheeks, she huffs and tosses the towel on her arm to his head. He looks at her, startled from the towel and then she uses her hands to dry his hair. She tells him, “You’re going to catch a cold if you stay wet.” Kisshu’s eyes widen a bit as she also tells him, “You’re already wounded. Do you want to get sick too?” Now he’s just staring at her like he’s trying to figure something out as she is trying to focused on drying his hair; evading his scanning eyes. Now things are really starting to bother him.

“Ichigo,” he calls. She looks at him, waiting and he asks, “Why are you here?”

“Because you went inside the depths of the sea and I haven’t seen you get out of those damp clothes or dry yourself. Being wounded is already bad enough and getting sick right now is not a smart idea,” she answers as simple as that.

He corrects, “I mean why are you here giving me the towel? You could have given the towel to Taruto or Pai and they could have given it to me.”

“Why give it to the other two wounded aliens when I can just give it to you myself who is not wounded as bad as them? Besides, I was worried about you. A lot of things happened today– to you especially.”

Kisshu is startled by that news but he looks away for a moment. Then he grabs both of her wrists and pulls them off him. He tells her, “Thanks but I don’t need your help. When this whole thing is over, you and I will go back to being enemies. No use trying to get all friendly on me now.” Ichigo looks appalled by that.

“Excuse me? That didn’t stop you before, in the beginning when we met!!”

“Things back then were different than they are now, Ichigo.” He lets her go and turns away from her. “Back then I was immature and stupid. Now I know better.”

“All because the angel appeared, right?”

Kisshu looks at her and now he’s angry. “That angel has nothing to do with my decision!”

“Yes she does! Would you be acting like this if she didn’t intervene? That she only just watched over you without ever meeting you like how she was supposed to when she was a black angel?”

“Yes I would because rather she intervened or not, it doesn’t change the fact that you will never be mine!!” Ichigo widens her eyes and loses her anger from that. Kisshu on the other hand looks more irritated now that he said that. He bites his lip and his fists are in tight balls. “You and I were never meant to be. I said that already so stop trying to be on friendly terms with me because it will only make this hurt more.”

Ichigo’s eyes return to normal size with pity and sadness. Her hand reaches for his cheek and he looks at her in surprise from the touch of her soft hand. She leans closer and mumbles, “Kisshu…”

“Don’t!” he yells, slapping her hand away and taking steps back away from her.

Ichigo does look hurt from his rejection but she tells him, “Kisshu, listen to me. I broke up with Masaya.” Kisshu’s eyes widen and he instantly looks back at her. She explains, “He and I had a fight when I asked him why he tried to kill me when he attacked us at that battle. He didn’t explain himself so I just left. I haven’t seen him since then and I don’t want to. The person I wanted to see was you.”

Usually a person would be happy to have heard that from the girl of his dreams but not Kisshu at that moment. He was happy, but he felt irritated. He punches the wall and mumbles, “If that angel never came into our lives, you wouldn’t be saying this.”

“But she did, Kisshu! She did intervene!” She uses her hand to make him look back at her and he doesn’t push her away. She tells him, “She came and there is nothing you can do to change that. I am eternally grateful that she did actually because if she didn’t take my memories and left me with you, I wouldn’t have known the real you. The you I’ve grown to love so much.”

Kisshu’s eyes widen in surprise and he suddenly felt freed or better yet, relieved and unconditionally happy. He mumbles, “”

She nods and smiles at him. “Congratulations, Kisshu. Your stupid plan to make me yours when I was clueless has worked.”

Kisshu chuckles and his lips curl up into a half smile. “I should have thought of it a lot sooner.” Her hands lightly cup his face and she leans in. Her lips press against his and he instantly relaxes to kiss her back. His arms rise up to hold her closer, one arm wrap around her waist and the other now in her damp hair. This kiss feels better than any kiss they have shared or experienced.

However, they were being watched. Masaya’s eyes are widening with disbelief and he appears to be frozen where he stands. A paper white hand lightly pressed on top of his shoulder and the fallen angel leans close to his ear.

“Such a shame,” she whispers. “The one you love most no longer loves you. She has found someone else.” He didn’t say anything. He just continues to stare at both the girl he loves and the alien he hates. Then the angel whispers, “You can hate her, though.”

“What?!” Masaya asks, looking away from the two and at the fallen angel.

She smirks and tells him, “It’s okay to hate. The only reason why you attacked was because you wanted to get that alien away from her because you suspected that he did something to her. Sure it was big but that’s only because you were so angry that it became so big. You see how much power you have when you’re angry. Imagine how much you actually have when you’re full of it! And hatred and jealously!”

Masaya tells her, “I will not become Ichigo’s enemy!” The fallen angel raises a brow from the expression he has. He looks angry and unyielding to her words. How bothersome.

“Oh? And why not? She betrayed you, Masaya. It’s okay to hate.”

“I will not hate her because rather she no longer feels the same or not, I still love her. She is the only one who can make me happy and if she’s happy with him, then I will live on with my life with the memories I have of her. If she’s happy, then I’ll be happy for her.”

“What if he can’t make her happy?” she asks him. “There is a good chance of that happening and when it does, you can unleash unlimited power within yourself and kill him.”

“If he can’t make her happy, then I will be there for her when she needs me. I will not jeopardize the relationship she and I share by killing him.”

The fallen angel just huffs and looks rather annoyed with this guy. She tells him, “God, you’re annoying and difficult.” Right after she said that, his eyes widen in pain. He grips his head and winces. She blinks in surprise from this sudden reaction but very shortly, she smirks and her eyes look deceiving again. “But very interesting.”
Here's chapter 18 and this is where I need help!! I have no idea what else to write. I have the ending down but I don't have inbetween now and the ending! I'm stuck and despertly need help!! HELP!!!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and please keep them comming! They support me and make me want to unleash another chapter very soon. PLEASE COMMENT AND HELP!!!

Thank you.
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DarkenAngel16 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
MY favorite chapter!! Your such an amazing writer, I'm so jealous
Boreddddddd Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
FINALLY they're back together yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
xMewMewIce Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010   Digital Artist
omg this is the best thing in the whole story:

“Congratulations, Kisshu. Your stupid plan to make me yours when I was clueless has worked.”

Hahahahaha i love that!!!
Plumeria7484 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
more please! i think you should use ~ichigoxkisshu4eva 's ideas. they sound really good! i look forward to the next chapter.
DarkAngelInLove Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010
We'll see. I'll keep that in mind though. Thanks.
Plumeria7484 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2010
You're welcome ^_^.
Arosoi-Kumo Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
First off, I LOVE this story. A lot. And I can't wait for you to find your inspiration and finish it.
I did notice though that there are a lot of spelling/grammatical errors, and that the wording in some places in a little confusing, or could be... more poetic? Anyhoo, I was wondering if you'd let me edit for you. ^^
DarkAngelInLove Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2009
I don't mind. Tell me what's wrong.
Arosoi-Kumo Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Well, the plot, ideas and general explanation and stuff are really really good, as well as the way story progresses. Way better than a lot of fanfics I've read, actually. Some of the other aspects though, like spelling and grammar and the descriptive parts, could be better (that's just my opinion). I tend to be good at editing; as in taking someone else's writing and fixing the spelling, the grammar, and making flow a little better in some cases. I just really love the story and want to help make it even better. ^^ And maybe looking back over it after I'd edited it (to make sure I didn't change anything that you didn't want changed) will inspire you as to how you want to finsih it?
DarkAngelInLove Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2009
Good points. I'll think about it. I still need inspiration for the next chapter so I'm a bit held back since I don't know what to write next. If you have ideas, they would be most appreciated.
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