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Ichigo is sitting right next to her open window in her room with cold food on the counter besides her and a hair brush in her hands. She stares out into the night sky as if she's waiting for something. Her damp hair is brushed and she's wearing her sleep clothes while sitting on her desk chair that she moved. She's waiting for someone and she's looking for that person but she can't find him and it's two hours past her bed time.

Soon she lets out a sigh and looks down at the ground of her room. 'I guess he's not coming,' she thinks. She stands up and slowly walks to the plate of food. She takes it and quietly leaves her room so that she doesn't wake her parents when she puts the food away. Such a waste.

What she didn't know was that he was watching her as well.

On the roof of a house across from hers, sitting on a spot where he can see her but she can't see him, is Kisshu. He's watching her with blank eyes with the moon shining behind him, illuminating his entire form and his hair. When she was gone from the window to put away the food he was saving for him, he lets out a sigh and a sad face appears on his face.

"You know it was mostly your fault."

Hearing that causes Kisshu to nearly fall off the roof. He looks to the side and jumps up in surprise of seeing Mew Angel sitting next to him as if she's been here the entire time watching Ichigo as well. She has her elbows leaning on her legs and her head leaning on her hands. "Wh-wh-wh…what the heck are you doing here?!"

"You speak any louder and the whole neighborhood can hear you," she tells him. He calms down a bit and she continues to watch stare at Ichigo's window. "I thought you're watching Ichigo in secret."

Fully calmed down, Kisshu looks down at the ground and he tells her, "I shouldn't even be here. Looking at her makes me upset but I just wanted to make sure that she's alright. After all, I basically left her in the pouring rain."

"Well she was sneezing earlier," she tells him. "And she was shivering so her mom had to give her some warm tea with honey. If she gets a cold, it's your fault."

Kisshu looks to the side irritated and he wonders, 'What the hell am I doing talking to this angel anyway?'

When he looks back at her, he asks, "Hold on. How do you know all of this stuff?"

She answers, still not looking at him, "Like how my sister was watching you before she became a fallen angel, I watch over Ichigo. Maybe if I did become a black angel, I think that I would be Ichigo's guardian angel."

"I don't know if I should be concerned about this or not," Kisshu comments.

Mew Angel closes her eyes to remain calm as she says, "Think what you like but that's what I think. Since I've been here, I felt like I'm connected to her. Not a 'love' kind of way like my sister believes is how she feels towards you, but in a way that I feel like I should protect Ichigo as if she too is my family."

Kisshu looks at her curiously as he asks, "What do you mean by she 'believes' that's how she feels about me?"

Mew Angel opens her eyes and explains, "My father once explained that we all have someone born on earth who we are meant to protect and watch over. He says that the link between the angel and the human is so powerful to the angel that it sometimes becomes misunderstood as being in love with that person. That's the theory he has for what happened to those before my sister."

Kisshu asks, "You mean that this happened before the fallen angel?" Then he notices something. After he asks his question, he sees sadness in Mew Angel's eyes again.

But it dissolves away as she answers, "Of course. Why do you think that the angel chief made the law that no angel is to fall for anyone born on earth? You're not necessary human, but my sister wanted to watch over you and protect you. You're connected to her and that's why she did the things she did. But her link to you confused her into thinking that the link is more than just a link. She thinks it's love and that is what got her out of heaven."

Kisshu stares at her a moment longer, allowing this piece of fact to sink in. But he looks away and says, "No matter what you say, you're still making it sound like it was my fault that it happened. I didn't know that it was even happening at the time. It's like a shy sister of a terrifying big brother looking at you and next thing you know, you got the big brother breathing down your neck every waking moment of the day because his baby sister is interested in you. She's a good girl, I'll give you that much. But I don't feel the same towards her, even after everything that has happened."

"Is it because your heart belongs to Ichigo?" Mew Angel asks. He didn't answer. Guilt is painted on his face as he stares down at the ground. "Then why did you break up with her? Can't be because you think that she was cheating on you. You see proof right in front of you that she's waiting for you at her balcony. Not Aoyama. You."

"I see that," he answers. "But she doesn't trust my heart." He paused and this time, Mew Angel is looking right at him. "Ever since you guys heard that your sister was banished from heaven and she's probably going to destroy more rules of heaven because she fell in love with me, everyone's suspects that I'm falling for her because of her great 'sacrifice.' She is someone I want to help and she is dear to me but that's it! No sparks, nada!" Kisshu leans back until he lays against the roof of the house and he's staring up at the clear, starry sky above him. Funny how there was so much rain earlier today but now it's all clear skies. Kisshu lets out a sigh and mumbles, "I just want this whole thing to be over already. This whole damn thing is sucking the energy right out of me! I want things to go back to the way they were."

"Do you mean trying to kill the mew mews and looking for Mew Aqua for your master who's abandoned you?" Mew Angel asks, looking down at him.

"Okay now, don't push it or you won't have two wings by the time I'm done with you," he threatens with a tired voice. He lets out another sigh and corrects, "When I meant by normal is that me and Ichigo can be together, we get the Mew Aqua that your sister collected, use it to save my people, and teach Deep Blue-sama a thing or two before he becomes our leader."

"Sounds like you got your whole life planned out for you."

"I thought you said that you don't care about what happens to our lives after we rescue your sister?"

"I don't. I'm just trying to have a normal conversation with you without wanting to knock your teeth out."

Kisshu sits up and he challenges, "Well bring it, angel. I need something to help me blow off some steam." He stares at her waiting for her to attack but she doesn't. She only stares at him.

"No," became her answer. A vein pulses on Kisshu's head as she looks away from him and says, "I will not start a fight with you this late at night and I don't want to lose myself in that fight as well."

"Well something better happen soon," he says, trying to calm down. She looks back at him and he notes, "Because if not, I might start a fight with you rather I care about you becoming a black angel or not."

"Something will happen," she corrects. He looks at her confused as she explains, "It has to. The next time my sister reveals herself while she's looking for Mew Aqua, that has to be the moment where she gives up her love for you, begs for forgiveness, and returns to heaven. All we've been to you all is trouble."

"What if it doesn't work?" he asks. "What if she tells us her name and can no longer be saved?"

"Then I will stay and stop my sister before she destroys everything."

Kisshu's eyes widen a bit when he hears this. For a dramatic effect, the wind blows and it gives the leaves of the trees a chance to fly through the air.

Mew Angel finishes, "Even if it means using every ounce of power I have and even if it means the destruction of me, I will stop her."

Kisshu's eyes widen a little more as he asks, "You don't mean…you'll kill her?" She doesn't answer. She only closes her eyes and lowers her head. That was as close to a 'yes' that he's gonna to get.
Chapter 23! Hooray!!!

Okay my new rule is that after three days a new chapter is out and I have one already done, I will unlease the next chapter. If I do not, then you guys can all find out after three days have passed. I don't have the next one finished yet, but I'm getting there. Just be patient with me and support me as much as you can!

I do NOT own TMM or the characters. Only Mew Angel and the now fallen angel. TMM belongs to Mia Ikumi and Reiko Yoshida. Thank you for the comments and please keep them coming! I like to know what my readers think as they're ready this. Even if it's only one word, I don't care!!

Thank you and please enjoy!!
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