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"Are you out of your mind?!" Deep Blue asks, practically yelling at Selena. "How dare you bring him in here!! Who gave you permission to adopt this useless lowlife? What were you thinking, Selena?!!"

Selena raises a finger to her lips and she hushes Deep Blue. "Be quiet," she tells him, looking down at her lap. "You'll wake him." As she looks down, she smiles and uses her hand to gently stroke the sleeping Kisshu's hair as if he were a child sleeping on her lap.  "It was his fault, anyway. He was the one who went in front of Ichigo when I shot that lightning spear. I meant to make Ichigo disappear and use her against them, but her prince took the blow for her."

The attack that Selena used against Ichigo wasn't an attack to kill. It was an attack to stun the victim and then takes them away. Kisshu got in the way and now he's here in the ship, resting on Selena's lap while Selena and Deep Blue are having a meeting. Deep Blue was just scolding Selena for her actions, some of which were beyond her control.

"It is annoying though," Selena comments. "Him going out of his way to save a weakling of a human. Now he's in this position." Despite what she just said and how much venom she put in it, her eyes appear tender and sincere as her touch is gentle against the unconscious Kisshu. Even Deep Blue can see this.

"You're too soft, Selena," he tells her. She looks up at the blue light before her and she appears prepared for what else he has to say. "I will only allow him to stay here if you use him against the mews and those other useless aliens. If he becomes a distraction, then I will order you to eliminate him and you must obey."

This time, Selena smirks in delight. "Of course, my master. I already have the perfect strategy for such an order."


"Ichigo?" Lettuce calls, holding a cup of hot tea. Mew Angel, who is sitting next to Ichigo with a comforting arm on Ichigo's shoulder, looks up. "I-I brought you some tea. It'll help,"

Ichigo says nothing. She only sits on the café chair next to the café table as Mew Angel slides her hand off her shoulders. Mew Angel takes the cup and tells Lettuce, "Thank you, Lettuce."

Lettuce nods at her but then looks back at Ichigo. She asks, "How is she?"

Mew Angel's face grows sad as she answers, "She's empty. It was hard explaining to her parents about what happened but they feel that she needs time."

Understanding, Lettuce nods. "It's understandable. If it were me, I would be in a worst situation than her. She's so strong."

Mew Angel understands what Lettuce is trying to say but she says, "Just not strong enough at the moment."

It's been a few days since what happened. Basically everyone was mourning over the deceased Kisshu, or so they thought. They keep telling themselves that they have no time to mourn but since Selena hasn't been appearing lately and there have been no new signs of Mew Aqua appearing, the only thing they could do at the moment is mourn. Ichigo has been like an empty shell after watching Kisshu's death play out before her. There was so much that could have been done before that time. She would have told him a hundred times that she was sorry for making him think that she might still like Masaya but it was her pride and fairness that kept her from doing so. Now she wishes that she didn't let it control her and to just apologize to him. Now it's too late. He's gone and he's not coming back.

Mew Angel passes the hot cup of tea to Ichigo's hands and told her, "Drink up. You need your strength and to surpass the sorrow."

Ichigo still doesn't say anything or move. She only holds the hot cup of tea as she feels Mew Angel's hand on her shoulder, massaging it for comfort. Seeing her like this is painful and very depressing.

Then Mew Angel suddenly feels something. She gasps in surprise and quickly gets out of her chair and runs to the front door.

Lettuce calls, "Mew Angel?!"

She yells, "Stay inside!" Then she was out the door. When she left, Ichigo finally moved. She moves her head to look over her shoulder and she looks towards the open front door in confusion.

Mew Angel didn't have to go far. Actually, she only had to run a few yards away from the café. A few yards in front of her stands Selena, a confident smile on her face and her arms crossed in front of her chest. Mew Angel looks angry as Selena greets, "Hello my sister, or do you prefer to be called 'Mew Angel'? That horrid name those pesky mews gave you."

Being a bit curious, Lettuce looks out the door and as soon as she sees Selena, she gasps and runs back in to tell the others.

Mew Angel snaps, "What are you doing here, Selena?"

"Oh, I'm just here to see how things are going for you guys," she answers. Soon, Ichigo and everyone else comes to the door and they too see Selena. The moment that Taruto saw her, he got angry. "I mean after everything that happened, I'm sure that you all are very exhausted. Especially Ichigo. I'm sure she's very, very tired."

The way she said it made Mew Angel very angry. It sounded like she insulted Ichigo, which she did. She only said it with a mocking tone. Now Taruto had enough of listening to her. He gets ready to charge at her, but Pai grabs his shoulder.

"Taruto, calm yourself!" he tells him.

Hearing him, Mew Angel and Selena look back at the café and Taruto slaps Pai's hand away. Does anyone not understand the term 'stay inside'?

"I'm not having this discussion with you again, Pai!" Taruto yells. "It's because of her that Kisshu's dead!!"

"Did somebody call me?"

The moment that they heard that, it was as if a gigantic bomb just exploded where they stand. It happened too fast and no one reacted properly when it happened. They just basically stood still, shocked beyond compare. The only one who wasn't is Selena. She looks up with an arrogant, confident smile on her face as she looks to the side.

There standing by a tree is Kisshu, standing as if everything is perfectly fine and a cocky smile like what he always used to have. When he comes out to the open, they all looked up and they see him looking at them as if he's been here the whole time and he was just enjoying a perfectly entertaining show. The moment that Ichigo saw him, she thought that she was seeing a ghost. Kisshu, she was sure, died right in front of her and he's standing right here, right now, talking and breathing. It was hard to believe but it's true.

Since no one was speaking, Kisshu turns to Selena and greets, "Selena, I found it!"


Selena answers, "Honey, that's great!" He flies towards her and he opens his hands to her. She looks down and she sees the shining orb in his hands; Mew Aqua. "That's perfect," she tells him, looking up at him. He looks at her and a moment later, she kisses him, her arms circling his neck and he kisses her back with one arm holding her close and the other still holding the Mew Aqua. When Ichigo saw this, it was like Kisshu's death all over again.

Selena and Kisshu broke the kiss and they smiled and looked at each other like two evil lovers deeply in love. Everyone is shock, all but Mew Angel. She narrows her eyes at them, as if something is awfully suspicious about what's in front of her.

Then Selena says, "Can you hold on a moment, darling?" A second later, her hand grasps Mew Angel's throat with such force, it almost felt like she was punched in the throat. But Selena holds on and lifts her sister up in the air. Some of the mews woke up from their shocked trance and are now staring at Mew Angel in concern. Mew Angel grabs Selena's arm and tries to pull her off but she can't. Selena's strength is too powerful. She smirks a little longer before she says, "Let me tell you something." Her hand glows black and she says again, "What you see today is something you can never speak about. If you even try, your throat will feel very dry and your voice will simply vanish. If you even try to write this done, you won't write. The pen will reject you and the paper will hurt. Same thing goes for when you're in his presence. As long as Kisshu is here, watching you, feeling your presence, then you cannot talk. Do I make myself clear?"

Mew Angel doesn't answer. Her airways are blocked and she feels herself going weak with every second that passes.

"Good." Selena then let's go of Mew Angel's throat and she falls to the ground, chocking and gasping for air. She starts coughing but there is no sound. She touches her throat in confusion and it feels very dry, like how Selena said. She tries talking but there is no sound. Her voice is completely gone.

Seeing these results, Selena claps her hands and jumps up and down like a little kid. "This is fantastic!" she says, happy to see this. She stops and asks, "Can you imagine this power that flows through my veins?"

Then Kisshu is behind her and he has one arm holding her from behind. She looks at him and he tells her, "It's wonderful, honey." Then he kisses her cheek and she giggles from his touch.

She puts her attention to the angel at her feet and she suggests, "Maybe if you broke the rules once in a while, you might be strong enough to at least stand up to me." Then she kicks Mew Angel right in the face and she goes flying back, but high up in the air. She hit the café on the second floor level and falls to the ground.

"Mew Angel!" some of them called.

People like Lettuce, Pudding, Mint, Ryou, Keiichiro, and Zakuro ran to her side and they see her holding her chest as if in great pain. She would also be wincing too but no sound came.

"Now then," Selena starts. She turns to Kisshu and her hand goes to his face. "Shall we leave?"

He answers with a devilish smile, "I would like that." Then they kiss again but only a simple short one. They only lean their nose lines together, smiling and staring at the other's lips and eyes.


Both Selena and Kisshu stop to look back up at the group and they see Ichigo a few feet away from her friends and she looks like she might fall and be destroyed completely like an already broken glass vase. They only stare at her as she asks, "Wh-What's going on, Kisshu? I don't…I don't understand it."

'Ichigo,' Mew Angel mouths, but still no sound came. Her face then crunches up in more pain from her body and some of the mews look back at her in worry. The rest have their eyes glued onto Ichigo and the scene being revealed before them.

Selena and Kisshu only stare at her, seeing her shaking body trying to do the best she can to just stay sane. But the longer their silence, the more harder it becomes for her. She couldn't help it. She had to scream.

"I don't get it!!! Kisshu, tell me what the heck is going on!!"

Tears roll down her face and her legs begin to weaken. Being near her, Pai and Taruto go up to her and Pai catches Ichigo by keeping her steady with his hands on her shoulder. Taruto takes a step in front of Ichigo and yells, "Kisshu, this is a really bad joke!! I thought you cared about this old hag! Why are you hurting her?!"

"Because I can."

Ichigo looks up with really wide eyes and Kisshu smirks.

"Sorry, Ichigo but I must admit. I did have feelings for my little guardian angel. It was something I couldn't really control. I mean, come on! How many times have you saved my life or even bother to think about how I feel at times? You were always rejecting me in the beginning because you were so in love with that tree hugger of yours. I always ended up saving you since you can't protect yourself, which is very sad for someone who is suppose to protect earth, and after one fight, we broke up. How tragic is that?"

"Very," Selena agrees like it's a wonderful joke. Kisshu looks back at her and then gives her another peck on her lips. She greatly returns the affection before they stared at each other again.

"Also that one time when Selena took me away when we were called into battle, we were one a little date. Apparently, you had every right to suspect me falling for her."

"We had such a lovely time, didn't we?" she asks. "You woke up on my lap in the forest and I took you to that dreaded sewers which you disliked so very much."

"Well it reeked!" he tells her. She giggles.

"After we got the Mew Aqua from that wretched place, I returned him to the city and we shared a kiss goodbye. You didn't even bother to push me back."

"Now I know I didn't want to."

How could anyone believe what they're hearing? Some of them were thinking that this couldn't be happening. Everything they just said is a lie but reality is that it is true. Every word of it and they know that it's true.

Selena uses her hand to stroke his cheek for a moment before finishing, "I also left you a promise. A promise at least I was able to keep."

"You told me that you promised that we would all know the truth the next time we meet and we did. I like a girl who keeps her word."

"Just as I dislike a guy who thinks that the only way to protect the other from getting hurt is by breaking up with them and then only watching them afar, right Ichigo? Sister?"

As if the shock wasn't bad enough. The mews turn to Mew Angel and she's surprise that Selena knows. Pai and Taruto look at Ichigo and she looks like she could be mistake for stone. So the reason why Kisshu broke up with her is because he didn't want Ichigo to get hurt and he was watching her from afar when she didn't notice? This is all too much for her, but it sort of gave her a peace of mind. Only when she sees Selena and Kisshu looking at each other, being so in love is what added another crack to her fragile glass self.

"Well rest assured," Kisshu tells Selena, "I won't ever do that to you."

"I hope not." Then they kiss again. After the kiss, Selena looks back at the group and says, "Just one more Mew Aqua and my final piece is prepared for the grand finale. I just have to finish one more loose end before then. Since I'm only really visiting and I'm not actually fighting you, I'll just leave with the damages I did to the angel."

Kisshu waves to his friends and says, "I'll see you two later. Though, I might have to face you guys from the other side of the sword. Bye now."

Selena's tornado of black feathers begins to swirl around them and in a few seconds time, they began to disappear. Panic instantly hit Ichigo.

"Kisshu!!" she calls, reaching for him. But by the time she screamed the last syllable of his name, he was long gone with Selena and all that was left was the black feathers she left behind.
Oh my gosh! Finally I'm done!! I am so sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I have no excuse besides beating myself up constantly for writing such cruel things. But yet again, the truth is cruel and it hurts but it's the truth.

Anyway, I do NOT own TMM or their characters. I only own Mew Angel and Selena and the idea. Thank you all for the wonderful comments and please keep them coming! I love each and every one of them.

PS, Please don't hurt me for this.
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