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"Ryou!! We need to find them before they find the Mew Aqua!" Ichigo demands, slamming her fist on the table.

He says, "So happy to see you coming back to your old self. I was worried there was an Ichigo twin."

Ichigo has a vein pulsing on her head after she heard that. "Hey, there are more important things to worry about then my attitude twenty minutes ago." She appears to prepare herself as she tells him, "I understand that this sudden fighting spirit just came out of nowhere after I was just ready to commit suicide in the corner but lets be reasonable here! Yeah, it hurts but that cannot be Kisshu!"

Taruto asks, "What do you mean that cannot be Kisshu? It looks like him, sounds like him, and acts like him before this whole truce thing!"

"Exactly!" Ichigo agrees, turning around to look at him. "What's with the sudden change of heart? It's only been like what? A few days since Selena took him away when we all thought he was killed. Now he's acting like he wants to destroy the world!"

"It took him only an hour to turn from wanting to kill you to wanting to protect you," Taruto reminds. "If the idiot really did fall for Selena then it really should be no trouble for him to want to destroy earth."

As much as what he just said hurt Ichigo, she tries to keep her fighting fire burning as she points out, "Exactly! That's what's weird! Lets not think about me or Selena here for a minute. Even if he really did.." she tries to push the words out, "fallen for her, why would he want to fight you two or even want to kill you? You three are like brothers."

Pai, who was standing right next to Taruto, looks down at him and he looks up at the older alien. She has a good point.

"And besides, she casted a spell on Mew Angel!" Ichigo points to the wounded angel on the chair who's getting her wounds treated by Lettuce. "Why would she cast a spell on her to not speak of what she saw? It sounds pretty suspicious to me and it must mean that whoever was with Selena must not have been him!"

Mint had to ask, "How did you figure all of this out on your own, exactly?" Now Ichigo has three veins pulsing on her head.

"Just because I don't have a decent grade in history or math does not mean I'm stupid!" she growls, her fists in tight balls. She turns to Mew Angel when she calmed down and she asks, "Mew Angel, just tell me this much. You noticed something, right? That's why Selena did what she did, right?"

The attention is turned to her. Mew Angel looks down at the ground and she answers, "I did notice something."

Desperate now, Taruto asks, "Was it…a copy of him maybe?"

Mew Angel was going to speak but then the spell took its effects on her. Her throat became extremely dry and when she tried to speak, no voice came out. The mews and the aliens stare when she doesn't speak and her hand goes to her throat to show that the spell is taking its toll on her. Before anyone spoke about it, Mew Angel tries a different approach. She starts to move her head. But then she feels a pain in her neck. She tries to move it to see what's wrong and her movement causes her to shake her head.

Taking that as an answer, Pai asks, "Then it was a control spell maybe?"

Selena tries to move her head again but it hurts in one direction but not the other. She ends up nodding and the mews as well as the other aliens gasp from this new information, all but Ichigo. She looks like she's thinking of something painful and does not like it one bit.

Hearing enough of it, Keiichiro turns to his computers and his fingers start typing away. Hearing the clicks of the keyboard, all but Mew Angel look at him and he explains, "I'm gonna update the sensitivity on our radars to see if anything about the Mew Aqua will pop up." After he presses enter, many alarms came up. He gasps at the results.

Ryou asks, "What is it, Keiichiro?"

He answers, "We're already a tad too late. Selena and Kisshu are already at a Mew Aqua signal and it's getting bigger."

"What, na no da?!" Pudding asks in shock.

Quickly and desperate, Ichigo asks, "Where are they?!"

"Right at the edge of Tokyo, near the canal!"

Mint then says, "But it'll take us forever to get there! We won't make it in time!"

Taruto asks her, rather upset that they've been forgotten, "What do you think we CAN do? Hurry up and transform so we can fight as soon as we get there!"

"But what about Mew Angel's wounds?" Lettuce asks.

Mew Angel stands up and tells them, "I'm fine." Since she's not talking about what she saw, the spell wears off for now but her voice sounds horsy. She turns to them and tells them, "We have to hurry or the planet really will be nothing more than a dead rock."

Hearing that causes some of the mews to gulp in nervousness. Talk about a serious burden they have to carry on their shoulders. They know the risks if they failed and right now, they've been failing way too often. The girls take out their pendants and they transform.

"Mew Mew Mint…"

"Mew Mew Lettuce…"

"Mew Mew Pudding…"

"Mew Mew Zakuro…"

"Mew Mew Strawberry…"


As soon as they transformed, Taruto and Pai teleported not only themselves but also the mews and Mew Angel to the destination Keiichiro just gave them. When they arrive in the outside air, filled with the smell of lake water and near by company smoke, they look up only to meet a blinding light. They tried to protect their eyes as the light got bigger.

Inside that bright white light, there is Selena and the white light is coming from the crown on her head. Her eyes are closed and her expression is peaceful as she's flouting in mid air and Kisshu below her, watching this happening to her. Soon her eyes open as if she's waking up from a peaceful sleep and the light begins to dim. Then her body begins to glide back down to the ground. As she comes down, Kisshu goes up closer and opens his arms to her. When the light was completely gone and the mews and aliens could look again, they see Selena smiling as she glides right into Kisshu's open arms. She hugs him and he hugs her.

He tells her, "I don't think I ever saw anything so amazing, Selena."

She giggles and her voice sound like warm milk and honey as she tells him, "That was the last Mew Aqua, Kisshu. Soon, very soon. You will see something even more amazing." He pulls her away and his hand cups her cheeks and he smirks while staring deep into her eyes.

"I think I already have."

She smirks too and both of them share an innocent, sweet kiss. But to Taruto, there is nothing so innocent about it.

"Hey, dumbass!!" he yells.

Hearing him, both Selena and Kisshu break the kiss and look up to see the whole gang. They didn't seem to mind the interuption. Kisshu greets, "Hello, brat! How are you?" He sounded as carefree and as cheerful as the Kisshu they all know and miss.

Taruto has a vein pulsing on his head and his body is shaking as he growls, "Don't call me a brat, you dop!" He calms down and yells with a bit more control, "Listen to us, Kisshu! You're being controlled! You don't love that demon over there and you know you don't! So break the act and come over here!"

"Being controlled?" Selena asks.

Kisshu asks, "Break the act?"

They look at each other before exploding into laughter. They hold their stomachs and bend over in complete laughter, making Taruto a little angry for making him feel like an idiot and making the others worried if maybe they were wrong. After a few moments, they calmed down and Kisshu was wiping away the tears from his eyes.
"I'm not being controlled."

"And he's not pulling off an act." Selena goes to Kisshu and hugs him with her arms around his waist and her head leaning against his chest. "You people just don't understand what we have. Only can I tell you would you understand. But yet again, maybe not." Now Taruto is growling.

Pai places a hand on his shoulder to calm him down and he says, "Control yourself, Taruto."

He asks in a whisper, "How can I when this wench in front of me is speaking in riddles?! I want to send her sorry little ass to hell where it belongs and don't you dare stop me this time!" Pai is a bit surprise by the younger alien's snap.

Hearing them, Kisshu and Selena smirk in delight as Kisshu pulls away from Selena's hold. Her arms slide off him and Kisshu yells, "If you want to fight her, you have to fight me first. Although think of fighting me as a way to save your life while you still can. I didn't promise anyone that I would kill anybody if I fight you. I can play with you for a bit before I start getting serious."

Finally, it became Ichigo's turn to talk.

"Kisshu, please! You know that we don't want to fight you and I know that you don't want to fight us! You don't have to stop loving Selena if that's how you feel. Just don't hurt anyone anymore. That's all I ask."

Selena and Kisshu stare at her after she said that, so did the rest of the team. Selena narrows her eyes and thinks, 'She's giving up on him, huh? Only because she believes in him, despite her own pain.'

Mew Angel thinks, 'Ichigo…you're trying to be strong when you're the one in pain.'

There was silence for a moment and all anyone did was stare Ichigo. She on the other hand is looking staring at Kisshu, pleading with all of her heart to just at stop fighting them. Then pain flickers on Kisshu's face.

His hand goes to his chest, right where his heart should be and he gasps out, "Aaahh!!" His cry and his sudden collapse to his knees causes now everyone to turn their attention to him.

"Kisshu?" Selena calls in confusion. She kneels down to his side as the mews and the other aliens are confused and uncertain about what to do. "Kisshu! What's wrong?"

He just mumbles, "It's done." Selena's eyes widen for a moment in realization of what he means.

Her eyes look a bit sad for a moment before saying, "I see then. This masquerade is over." Her hand goes to his chin and she lifts his face up to her. She tells him, "You did well. Thank you." Then she kisses him, softly and lovely. But as she kisses him, his body begins to turn white like mist and then it fades away. She opens her eyes and he's gone. Now everyone is basically confused.

Before they could even ask what the heck is going on, Selena stands up and only looks down at the ground where Kisshu once was. All they see is her back and just by looking at it, they can tell that something is upsetting her. But when she turns around to look at them, her face betrays no emotion but as-a-matter-of-fact.

"Kisshu will be returned to you shortly."


She can see that they are all very confused but she still continues. "What was with me since the time in front of the café and now was only a copy of him, a clone if you must and I was controlling him. What I said in front of the café was the whole truth. Now once Kisshu is returned to you, it's up to you on what you will do with him."

"Hold on!" Taruto yells. She stares at him and he asks, "That was a clone of him?"

"You heard me," she answers. Then Taruto turns to Mew Angel.

"I thought you said that it was him, only he was being controlled!"

Mew Angel looks like she was trying to say something but she can't. She's surprised by this and Selena says, "You couldn't speak of it and yet you were able to give away that he might be controlled?" Her sister looks up at her and it was if instantly, Selena understood. "I see. Your neck. It was hurting wasn't it, when you were going to tell the truth?" Now the mews and the aliens are surprise. Mew Angel still only stares at Selena as if waiting for her sister to do something.

And something does happen.

"Mew Angel, your neck!" Lettuce yells, almost sounding like a screech. Mew Angel looks at her throat and it's glowing black. Selena's hand is black and she raises it up to point her now glowing black fingers at her.

"Since I was the one who spilled the beans, you may speak of what you saw earlier today and you may speak in his presence. But not with me. When you are with me, you are to remain absolutely silent. Unless by chance that I relieve you of this spell or you break it yourself."

Then her hand stops glowing and so does Mew Angel's neck. Mew Angel touches her now glowing neck and looks back at Selena, her throat still dry and possibly nothing will come out.

Then Selena suddenly looks like she's enjoying with the outcomes of her actions. She puts a smirk on her face and her eyes reveal to them just how entertained she is. "Before I leave and report to Master Deep Blue on what has happened, there is one more thing I want to say." She raises her hand again and points a finger at Ichigo. She braces herself for the worst but all Selena says is, "Momomiya Ichigo, remember this. The one who holds Kisshu's heart in her hands is me. Your life and heart may belong to him but his heart and his life belong to me and me alone. Same thing goes for me too. For you see, we both cannot survive without the other."

Mew Angel's flinch when she heard that as Ichigo asks, "Wh-What do you mean?"

Selena lowers her finger and answers, "I take it that my beloved sister didn't tell you then. Despite my back being turned against heaven, I am still connected to Kisshu, even if I hated the idea to the depths of my soul. I know that many of you wish for my death and the only way to stop me is to kill me but there is a price. In order for you to kill me, another life must be sacrificed. Kisshu can only survive in this world so long as I am alive."

Hearing this causes a crack on the other side. It was like their strong forte has just been cracked in half and will now break into a thousand pieces. Selena liked this reaction.

"Don't worry, though. Kisshu is very weak right now and I'm full of energy. I guess you can say that I am only his life source. Not his twin that suffers as he has suffers but knowing that he can't stay alive without me! That's how deep our bond is and no one, not even you Ichigo can ever sever that bond, unless you want Kisshu's death on your head!"

Guys, I am so sorry for taking like FOREVER on updating. I was on major's writers block and when I got help from a very helpful person, you know who you are, I was able to figure it out! It was amazing. It was like the words came flowing out of my fingers!

Anyway, I do NOT own TMM or it's characters. I only own Mew Angel and Selena. Thank you all for patiently waiting and for the comments. I hope they still come.

Thank you and please enjoy!!
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