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‘Where am I?’ Kisshu wonders as he wakes up. His eyes flutter open but all he can see is a branches, leaves, and sunshine shining through the small spaces. The light leaves diamond shapes lights on the ground and on his body. It looks like a nice day in the forest. He’s leaning on tree and his head was leaning back. He sits up properly and rubs his neck from being in that position for so long.

‘My neck is sore,’ he thinks. ‘Hold on!’
He gasps in surprise as he pulls his hand back and looks at it. No blood. He looks at his arms and legs and it’s the same thing. No blood, cuts, or even bruises! That fight and that pain could have been a dream.

He asks, “What the heck is going on here?”


He looks to the side and it’s that angel. She’s looking at him in surprise and she has a leaf in her hands with berries on it like food on a plate. She walks closer to him and kneels down to his level. She puts the leaf down and then hugs him with her arms circling around his neck. He’s surprise as her arms are securely around him and tight. They’re shaking. He can clearly tell that she must have been worried and is now relieve. Why he wonders.

He grabs her and pushes her. He tells her, “If you healed me then thank you, but who are you? Obviously you’re an angel but why did you protect me? Also, why did you kiss me?”
She just stares at him. She didn’t speak. She looks like she wants to but she’s didn’t utter a syllable. She puts her attention to the berries and takes a few.

He asks her again, “Hello? Can’t you talk? I asked you a few-” He couldn’t finish his sentences. She pops a berry into his mouth and closes his mouth with her fingers. It was weird but he eats the berries anyway. He tried to talk again after swallowing it, but she just puts another one in his mouth. He gave up trying to talk and just eats them like an upset child. The angel soon smiles at him but he didn’t notice.

After a few more berries, she ends up leaning on his shoulder. That was unexpected. He looks at her surprise and asks, “Hey, you okay?” She didn’t answer. He moves her a bit to look down at her face and she doesn’t look so good. She looks pale and she’s sweating. Not to forget that she’s having a hard time breathing. He touches her head and pulls it back. “Crap! She’s got a fever! Hold on! Humans get fevers when they are weak or have a weak immune system. Is she weakened because she helped me? Damn!”

He puts one arm around his neck and picks her up bridal style he mumbles, “Pai is going to kill me.” Then he teleports back to the ship.


“What the heck are you doing here with that thing?!” Taruto screams, seeing Kisshu with the angel in his arms. In surprise of hearing that, Pai turns around and sees the same thing.
Kisshu grumbles, “Nice to see you too. Considering that I was probably close to death and all you can ask me is why I have a sick angel.” He starts walking away, annoyed and tells them, “If you need me, I’ll be in my room.”

“Stop!” Pai orders. He does and Pai asks, “How are you still standing? Last time we saw you, the only thing that could work was your mouth.”

“I’m going to make sure that the only thing that will work is your mouth.” Pai ignores that and stares at the sick angel. Kisshu sees that and tells them, “This angel helped me and now she’s sick. That’s all. I refuse to leave a young girl in the middle of the forest with a fever. See ya.” Then he walks away to his room and it was just Pai and Taruto.

Taruto asks, “You don’t suppose that now he’s falling for someone who actually wants him, do you?”

“Not in the least,” he answers. Pai goes back to the computers and presses a few buttons. Soon the scene when Kisshu was going to get blasted by the Blue Knight’s attack and when he disappeared appears and plays. He says, “But there seems to be a connection between both the angel and the Blue Knight.”

“What do you mean?”

“They both have the same intentions. The Blue Knight wants to protect Ichigo and it seems that this angel wishes to protect Kisshu. But they are not the same.”

“Well they are different in looks. The Blue Knight looks like he could be one of our kind but I never seen him before and obviously the angel is an angel.”

“Maybe we could use her. She has a lot of power to have blocked the Blue Knight’s attack and if Kisshu asks her to destroy the humans, she will do it.”

“You think so?”

“The possibility of that happening is 99.9 percent.”
Chapter four and there is still more coming!!
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